BIH update

Dear club members
We have a couple updates for you.

We received some complains about the shipping cost for items from the BIH-PCA Store.
(For a shirt and a cab the shipping cost add up to $65)

We are in contact with the supplier and working on an USPS option for shipping to the Island.

Please stay tune for further updates on this issue.

Note from the Supplier:

“We are now exploring the possibilities of adding the USPS option for the shipping on the BIH-webstore.
Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimated time when this will be made possible.
In the meantime, we are extending our services to you for your club’s orders. I can process the orders and send them via USPS. (order through James Paredes <> )

On top of that, to ease the shipping issue, they are providing our club a 10% discount for 5pcs or more apparel orders that will be delivered on a single address. You can avail of this discount by processing the order through James Paredes

Second, it is official now. The Big Island Hawaii Region is now on the PCA radar.
I just receive the the 1.Place trophy for the web page contest in class 1 in 2020.

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