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This is the exciting time of the year with so much going on. Our next election cycle has started, and your Board of Directors met last night and decided that the best way to move forward under the current conditions is to have a Virtual General Membership Meeting, and to start the Election Process by asking you, the Membership, if there is anyone who would like to run for the 4 elected positions on our 7 Member Board of Directors, as stipulated by our Bylaws which are viewable on our Web Page.  Please find attached a link to the Big Island Hawaii Region – Bylaws

Your President, Gunner Mench, is eligible to run for one more 2 year term. He wishes to run for another term. After this next 2 years he would not be eligible to run for the President position again until the next election cycle in 2024 – 2025.

Your Vice President, Robert Wall, has had many work and personal conflicts, and would like to step back from his duties, and Director Dr. Mark Senft would like to run for that elected office. He is currently a Board Member appointed by the President, and serves primarily as our Tour Director. Mark would be eligible for 2 terms in the VP position, if he chooses to run again. Mark is a foot doctor in Kona.

Your Interim Treasurer as appointed by the President and approved by the Board, is Leo Dodier. Leo is a local Real Estate Agent, and has stepped up to provide a comfortable level of professionalism to our Corporate Board. He would like to continue as Treasurer for the next 2 years if so elected.

Your Interim Secretary, Dr. Margaret Meyer, has just joined our Board this week to fulfill the duties until the end of this term at the approval of the President and without dissent from the Board. She is also willing to serve for at least the next 2 year term, through 2023. Margaret is an Orthopedic Surgeon in Kona.

If anyone else would like to run for one of these elected positions, please inform our Secretary, Margaret Meyer, so that she can put you on the ballot to be mailed out next week via this email program. Her email is

Margaret will be tabulating the votes and the last votes will be counted on the date of the General Membership Meeting,  November 13th. Results will be announced at the Christmas Party, Saturday December 11th. The location of the Party is yet to be determined, as rules are changing so rapidly, with the new allowance of Organized Groups of up to 50 people allowed to gather outdoors. This approximates the attendance of our previous Christmas Parties, held at the Clubhouse at Puu’Lani Ranch, which is partially outdoors and is private property. We will see.

You will get an invitation to participate in a ZOOM call in the late afternoon, starting around 4 o’clock, on Saturday,November 13th, for the General Membership Meeting. The meeting should last no more than an hour. It will be preceded by a Driving Tour that morning, with ample time from the end of the drive around 1:00 to return to your homes and computers and attend the meeting starting at 4:00.

Have a safe and fun holiday season, and hope to see you on the Tour before the General Membership Meeting, if not on the ZOOM call. You can also print and mail your ballots to the Secretary, Margaret Meyer, whose address will be published on your ballot.

That’s all for now, we will be in touch and let us know if anyone else wants to run for office. Others have expressed interest in being on our Board, and that will be up to the new President to determine.

We are looking for a new Webmaster and Director to publish our Newsletter, the Lava Flow. Andreas is stepping down at the end of the year, and will help train the new person or persons who want to take up the task. Volunteers needed!

Aloha, Gunner Mench, President 

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