Erich Strenger Poster

I have a 1962 French Grand Prix Dan Gurney Victory Hand Signed by Erich Strenger Porsche Race Victory Poster.This poster was issued by the Porsche factory in celebration of the world famous Porsche poster artist Erich Strenger’s favorite posters. Those hand signed by Erich Strenger & numbered posters were printed in the mid 1980s and quickly … Read more

2009 Cayenne for sale

2009 Cayenne GTS up for sale $19,000The warranty just expired in September 2020. The car has been serviced through Kona European, they went over the car prior to expiration to make sure everything is fine and they gave it the ok. 63,800 miles Sunroof (not panorama) Navigation Heated Seats All the normal GTS equipment. Great … Read more

Cayenne Bumper

2013 Cayenne front bumper and skid plate, colour – white (film still installed). One small hole right of the left tow hook hole (see photo). C$400 plus shipping from Ontario, Canada Andreas  –  or  807 737 9787

Oil for sale

I won 12 quarts of Driven DI-40 motor oil from LN Engineering. This oil sells at $14/quart and I feel a little guilty using it in my GTS.  I have always changed oil using Mobile 1 at 3000 miles (once a year) and it has been adequate for my driving.  Blackstone Labs tells me my … Read more