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Last night the BIH board held their first ever muliti national, island-mainland Zoom Board meeting In attendance Gunner Mench, PresidentRobert .....READ More
Big Island Hawaii - in Panorama October issue, in FROM THE REGIONS .....READ More
It was an amazingly unexpected turnout of 17 Porsches in front of the backdrop of Mauna Kea in Waimea under .....READ More
Aloha Hawaii Porsche-heads, I've got a 2004 911 C4S cabrio waiting for YBros shipping, end of Sept, from Oahu to .....READ More
This month, on the 12th of September, we will experience the Kohala Loop again with its twisty, winding roads and .....READ More
Our web store is now open and we added more items to our selection. .....READ More
The September/October issue of the Big Island Hawaii newsletter "Lava Flow" is now available on-line. .....READ More
Everything started at the 64th Parade in Boca Raton in 2019. After my presentation to the PCA board for the .....READ More
Our President, Gunner Mench was interviewed by the 356 Club of Southern California. Here is the article. .....READ More
We are delighted to introduce to you today, our membership, a new lineup of great club apparel. We have teamed .....READ More
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