It’s election time for our Region, every 2 years we elect a new slate of Officers for our club, according to our bylaws. 

The candidates for the next term from 2022 through 2023 are running unopposed

there were no other potential candidates coming forward, so this election becomes more of acclamation of the proposed slate of officers. The balance of the Board members is appointed by the President after the start of his term starting in January.

The candidates are as follows:

Gunner Mench, President

Dr. Mark Senft, Vice Prezident

Leo Dodier, Treasurer 

Dr. Margaret Meyer, Secretary 

These are the 4 candidates for office.

Please respond to this email by replying to our Secretary, Dr Margaret Meyer, as to you agreement to vote for this slate of officers or disagree. Voting ends on November 13, Saturday,  when we have our general membership meeting virtually at 4 o’clock on that day. You will receive an email with a link for the ZOOM Meeting in a following email.

Please vote with your response to our Secretay by replying to 


Thank you for your assistance in sharing your vote. Results are announced at the annual Christmas Party on December 11th.


Gunner Mench, President

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