First Event in 2020

Let’s start the new year with a great event with your Porsche Family.
Saturday January 18, 2020

Our first run of the year will cover about 100 miles, range from sea level to 6,500 feet, and cover more than half of the world climate zones we have here on the Big Island, so be prepared!

Top off your tanks and have a good breakfast before we start! If you run out of time, we start at the Waikoloa Market Center with KTA Supermarket, bathrooms and gas and a Subway, so lots of options to start out when you arrive at 10:00.

We will go through signing our releases for insurance, our safety review and meeting, and start off at 10:30 and go uphill to the intersection with Mamalahoa Highway, and turn right, or South for about 6 miles to the Daniel K Inouye Highway, the new Saddle Road, and proceed uphill to Mauna Kea Park.

We should be there by about 11:00 and stop to stretch, take in the views of the fresh snow on the mountains, hit the bathrooms, and leave there at 11:30 for a ride down the hill on the Old Saddle Road, called Waiki’i Ranch Road, back down to Mamalahoa Highway, where we will turn right and proceed into Waimea town. From there we will turn left at the lighted intersection and travel out of town , turning North onto Kohala Mountain Road and assembling in front of HPA. We will get separated in town, so this is a great spot to reassemble before the next leg.  We should be there around Noon for just long enough to take pictures, get everyone together and take off for Kapa’au on the Kohala Mountain Road.

This leg is very scenic and winding in sections, so have your co-pilot take lots of pictures! Since they have taken over our old parking area in Hawi, we will go to the Kamehameha Park and rest there. There are public restrooms and ample, paved parking. We will arrive there about 1:00, and leave by 1:30 for our final leg, along Route 270, Akoni Pule Highway, watching for Humpback Whales along the way, through Kawaihae and Porsche Headquarters at Harbor Gallery where you can stop and pick up t-shirts, badges, key fobs, patches, and pins all with the club logo on them! Restrooms are right there again. We should be there around 2:00 and leave by 2:30 for the quick ride to Queen’s Marketplace where we call it quits and hit the many fine restaurants and food court and shops. End of Tour!

The last time we ended up there, we had a bunch of us at Macaroni Grill. About a dozen. If you guys will let me know, we can reserve some seating there, but you have to let me know so I can save the seats.

It’s a full day and a fun day to get to know new members who are joining us, folks that didn’t make it to our awesome Christmas Party, and share lots of Porsche stories!

Let me put you on the list!

Call me like many of you have, and be ready for a fun time!
Gunner, President

PS: Did I tell you I have a direct line with the weather man and he assures me this weather is clearing out on Friday for our enjoyment on Saturday? Remember, I pick the best weather! Let’s hope it holds like it has for the last 4 years of Tours! The fact that we live in Hawaii improves the odds for good weather! Imagine Alberta, Canada with temperatures of 30 below? LOL!

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