General Membership Meeting

Updated Nov. 13

Fun Tour this Saturday, starting in Waikoloa at 10, going to Old Airport, looping through the coffee country in Kona. Tour ends at the intersection of Palani and Old Mamalahoa.
No meeting, General Membership meeting is virtual, on SUNDAY at 3:00.
A ZOOM Meeting invitation has been sent out via Emailer to all BIH members. Please do not share login information outside the club.

Update 9/11

Ok, so we can’t hold our meeting at Pu’u Lani Ranch, they won’t let Rob have more than 10 people or they will get in serious trouble. We don’t have any location to hold this at this timer due to Covid, so we have to have a virtual meeting.
It would be near impossible to have a meeting coincide with the Driving Tour, so the meeting has to take place at a different time. Possibly on Sunday afternoon, the next day after the run. Same time, 3 P.M. with a ZOOM meeting sponsored by Andreas. With 99 Primary Members, we should be prepared for up to 50 members on the call.

E Komo Mai!
Welcome to our annual General Membership Meeting and our New Member Social, on Saturday, November 14th at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, after a nice Driving Tour of our Kona Coast!

We are having our meeting at the home of our Vice President, Rob Wall, at Puu Lani Ranch, off the upper Mamalahoa Highway, half way between Waimea and Kona, as we have for the last couple of years. There will be a barbecue and gathering of the troops!

The day will start with a spirited drive starting in Waikoloa at the Village Market at 10, leaving at 10:30 and going down to sea level on the Queen Kaahumanu Highway to turn South towards Kona on Route 19. We will meet up at the Old Airport parking lot about 11:30, take a break to use the restrooms and get gas and snacks, and leave by 12 noon to head South on Ali’i Drive.

We will drive through Kona Town all the way down past Kam # Highway, until we hook back up to Highway 19 and continue South to Kainaliu for a short bit and turn left to head up to Holualoa on the Old Mamalahoa Highway, snaking through Coffee Country for several miles of twisty, curvy roads until we hook back up to Mamalahoa Highway at the top of Palani Road near Hina Lani Street. At that point, we cruise up about 10 miles heading back North until we reach our destination at Puu Lani Ranch in Puuanahulu before 2.

The General Membership Meeting will begin at 3:00

Please invite any prospective members to join us on the run or meet up with us at Rob’s place.

In this time of social distancing, for those who don’t want to join the meeting in person, we are also doing a Virtual Meeting for our club members, with details to follow, and will be broadcasting and connecting with you via Zoom Meeting, from Rob’s Garage so that we can be further connected and everyone can participate!

We do not have any club officer elections this year, that will be next year, so thankfully we should be able to have unrestricted meetings in person by then!

Our visitors are starting to return, as well as our Snowbird Members, but the highways are still relatively wide open for us to enjoy! Let’s have some fun!


Contact our Tour Coordinator Mark Senft at 808-936-3338,
or Rob Wall at 808-217-5671.
or Gunner Mench 808-938-2954.

As of the end of October, we now have 150 members total, 99 primary members and a fantastic group of people! New Porsches arriving on island all the time, I see them coming in at the harbor and on our roads!

More detailed information coming on the meeting credentials for hooking up, etc.

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