Meet Rhys

Rhys Haydon, Secretary

My name is Rhys Haydon and I am the Secretary for the club. My wife and I are now living off the island, but have a little home in Pahoa. Our Porsche collection is diverse although if we had to hang our hats on a specific model being our favorite it would be the 356. We have been fortunate to go on some amazing road trips including a 10,000 mile trip around the country in a 56 Coupe and up to Alaska in a 1980 911SC. My other interests include Porsche literature and owners manuals and I am working to build a collection of these items. Mahalo

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1 thought on “Meet Rhys”

  1. You need to tell everybody how much of an addict you are, too! How many Porsches are you up to, now? LOL! Can’t wait for you to come back here and cruise with us!


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