Meet the Vice Big Island Hawaii

Aloha, my name is Robert Wall and I am the Vice President and Safety Chair for our awesome Porsche Club here on the Big Island of Hawaii. I have been a member of the Porsche Club of America since 2016 along with my wife Dale and have been loving the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful family of Porsche owners and enthusiasts.
I was born on the island of Oahu and moved to the Big Island about 17 years ago. I am almost 50 years old but feel like a kid again every time I drive one of my Porsches or any other of my crazy car creations. I currently own and am restoring a 1973 Porsche 914 2.0 which I found as a basket case project from a local seller. Working on Porsches is my passion, but I love all kinds of cars but generally stick to European models.

I am currently driving an Audi R8 beast of a machine as my daily until I get the 914 back on the road. Other than working on cars with my free time I am a Fire Equipment Operator with the Hawaii County Fire Department. I have been a firefighter for almost 17 years and love my job.
My earliest string from Porsche bug happened when I was very young at summer camp when my car-crazy dad picked my brother and me from camp with a brand new 1978 VW Bus Champagne Edition. I was not impressed by the bus ( although now I would be) but I was impressed by the sound. Unknowingly I found out later that day from my upset mother that dad had bought the bus brand new and immediately dropped a Porsche 911 motor in it! There began the “Slippery Slope” of Porsche infatuation. I have been through quite a few cars, but my favorite has always been a Porsche. I will try my best to find the unwanted project s and bring them back to the road where they belong.

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