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Aloha Big Island PCA members! 

My name is Michael Maston and I have recently volunteered to take care of the club’s web site and newsletter.  I must say I’ve got big shoes to fill given how well Andreas Kottschoth has run things to date so I hope you will all be patient, help me get up to speed and contribute pictures, articles and ideas to keep that high standard up! Many thanks to Andreas for his fantastic efforts in not only getting the Big Island PCA club site and newsletter off the ground when the club got started but also earning numerous awards and accolades along the way.

In case you were wondering about my background, I am a Pacific Northwest native that has traveled to the islands most of my life.  It simply is one of my favorite places on the planet and I’ve been to many.  I’ve been a hardware and software engineer most of my life, eventually landing at Microsoft in Redmond, WA about 23 years ago after going to college and working in the Bay Area for many years.  I spent a few years working the Windows team before taking a leap of faith and joining the fledgling Xbox team. It was the best move I ever made and I ended up being responsible for the operating system and game development kit for the original Xbox, the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One as well as a tour leading our Manufacturing team.  It was a ton of work but I had a blast every day.  After nearly 21 years, I decided to retire from Microsoft and enjoy my life on the Big Island.  I brought my silver 2007 Boxster S with me and I can tell you I’ve never had so much fun driving that car as I do here (and even more fun when I’m out with the club on an outing!).  I admit I do call her “Eleanor” at times when she acts up (see the movie Gone In Sixty Seconds if the reference is unfamiliar) but mostly she is the XBOXTR, the car that Xbox bought me back when I reached a career milestone I was after.  

Back when I got my Boxster, the dealership had a track day event you could attend.  The first half of the day was a lot of defensive driving techniques that gave you a sense of how nimble these cars really are.  A braking swerve to avoid a child (a rubber cone) at 60mph and having your antilock brakes fully engaged the whole time was quite an experience for me as I’d never really done that kind of driving before.  The best part was learning how to drive your car on the track.  At one point you also had the option of going out with your instructor and let them drive your car with you as passenger to show you how far the car could be pushed.  We went through a hairpin turn so fast I was plastered against the passenger door.  Amazing cars!  After that, I was hooked.

These days I’m mostly enjoying my property here on the Kohala Coast and doing home automation for fun, mostly for vacation rental owners looking to keep their costs down.  I can’t imagine a better life and I truly take great delight in getting out with the club and enjoying our cars, the beauty of the island and the company of good people that love their Porsches!  I also enjoy scuba diving, remodeling homes and traveling the world.

Thank you to Gunner and the rest of the Board for letting me give back a little to the club by taking on this role.  I look forward to seeing you all out on the road and working with you if you’d like to contribute content, pictures or ideas to our club site and newsletter. 

Enjoying a beautiful day on with the XBOXTR
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