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Text by Gunner Mench

Aloha, clan!

Some of you might know that our own Secretary, Rhys Haydon, is also the Classifieds Moderator for the national magazine, Porsche 356 Registry.

Rhys and Karisa moved back to Gig Harbor, Washington from Puna when the volcano posed some issues and Rhys had difficulty finding a position on the island for his specialty in the medical industry, and we sorely miss them, and now we have a new member of our group!

Renn Aloha Haydon was born October 28th, a beautiful little Porsche Kid with all the signs pointing to much more Porsche connections in her future!

Renn means RACE in German, so we know where this little girl is headed.

I copied the article by photo from the Porsche 356 Registry Magazine I just got today, and there is a great article if you can read from my photo. Congratulations to the new parents, their first child!

If you look closely at the picture on the lower left, her wrist band in the delivery room nursery is…


How many signs does one need to see destiny played out? LOL! They will be back here on Island starting April 2nd for about 10 days, so we should get a chance to have them join us on a Tour during that time! We may have to move our date up to April 11th on Easter Weekend to accommodate. We had originally scheduled for the following weekend because of the holiday. Should be no problem.

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