New Secretary

Your Interim Secretary, Dr. Margaret Meyer, has just joined our Board two weeks ago to fulfill the duties until the end of this term at the approval of the President and without dissent from the Board. She is also willing to serve for at least the next 2-year term, through 2023. Margaret is an orthopedic surgeon in Kailua Kona and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Hackensack University Medical Center and Kona Community Hospital.

Thanks for having me.

I can’t even remember exactly when I became fascinated with Porsches. My grandmother came from Germany when she was a small girl and she was my favorite grandma (I’m not ashamed to say that! ) So I liked everything, German. But it may have been when my dad’s friend came over in his 1979 924 which would later become mine that I think I felt something in the way I saw that automobile. As you can see in one picture, I may have had a girly bedroom growing up but instead of posters of teen heartthrobs, I had posters of Porsches and clippings from magazines.

My favorite when I was younger was the 944 after the movie 16 candles and Jake Ryan, but also I was fascinated with the 959 and of course then the 911 Turbo. I love the sleek design; I loved the speed; I loved researching and horsepowers and always dreamed of taking European delivery, even as a youngster. For me, it’s the sound, the speed, the details, and the beauty. I was very fortunate to start off my journey in high school having that 924, then I was fortunate enough to convince my dad to get me a 944 (1986) in college, I presented a very good argument financially. LOL. From there I had to have a more sensible car but Once I could, I was able to get myself a 1997 Boxster, one of the originals and there’s a photo of my little Chihuahua sticking his head out-they loved that car and riding in all the sunshine deep in the seats. I later traded that one in for a 2006 Cayenne S titanium edition which was an amazing tank. I wound up selling that one after a few years in Manhattan and finally now that I live in Hawaii and was able to have a second car I finally found my 911 Turbo (2003). She’s a beauty and really the one I wanted when I went shopping for the cayenne, but I thought the cayenne was much more sensible at the time! I look forward to serving as the secretary for the Big Island Club and enjoying many more moments with fellow enthusiasts! I think it’s going to be a great community and I love driving, especially in my “new” car- after all, she’s named “Chickie” after my grandma Greta. Thank you for the opportunity! ■

Sincerely,    Margaret 

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