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With sadness we inform you that our Club Secretary, Rhys Haydon, has resigned his position and left our Region for the one where he has resided for over a year, the Pacific Northwest Region. Rhys and his family moved to Gig Harbor, Washington after their farm was negatively affected by the lava flow in the Puna District, and Rhys could not find employment at the time as a Physicians Assistant Nurse, so they moved off island. Rhys had been working as Secretary with the board remotely as we all have by phone and now Zoom on computer.

We wish Rhys and his family the best in the future. He is now on the Board with the 356 Registry, so he is very busy! He has also surpassed me in the number his stable of running Porsches! His family still has their hearts here in Hawaii.

Aloha and Mahalo to Rhys for all of his help and efforts.

If anyone in the Membership is interested in volunteering to be club Secretary for the balance of Rhys’s term, which would have ended at the end of this year, please come forward and let us know!

Duties of the Secretary ( as per our ByLaw)

The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Executive Council and the Board of Directors and shall keep full and complete minutes of the proceedings and of all votes cast thereat. The Secretary shall cause to be published in the Club’s official publication notices of proposed and adopted amendments of these Bylaws and other matters relating to the proper conduct of the Club. The Secretary shall have custody of or cause to be kept by the Region Historian the corporate seal at all times as well as the Club’s records. The Secretary will publish the minutes of any meeting of the Big Island Hawaii Region in the Region’s newsletter and/or the website. In lieu of a Membership Director, the Secretary will keep records of the membership, contacts and all correspondence therewith. The Secretary shall perform all duties incident to the Secretary’s office required by law.  The Secretary shall, if necessary and appropriate, certify the resolutions of the Executive Council or any Board of Director meetings as required or allowed by law. 

Please contract any of our Board Members if you are interested (click here)

And elections are coming up towards the end of this year for the next 2 year term for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Current Officers are eligible to run again for one more 2 year term.

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