Parade Diary

by Gunner Mench, AK Editor, Skip Hammerman, Sandy Provasi

Day 7 (July 17)

This morning Parade of Porsches. Parade volunteer lunch and then Victory Banquet tonight.

Volunteer Lunch

Day 6 (July 16)

Bourbon Tasting Train

Day 5 (July 15)

Wonderful Getman lunch at Schnitzelbank Restaurant. Kassler Rippchen mit Sauerkraut und Rot Kraut genau vie zu hause. Pork chops and kraut just like Mom used to make!

Day 4 (July 14)

TODAY’S FIRST CHALLENGE: ASSIST WITH BRAKE JOB ON 911Mike Holtzclaw and Jamie Benard borrowed a car to get here from Alaska, flying into Bullinhs and driving to Parade from there. Problem arises when a rotor is warped and brakes need to be replaced before they can Autocross tomorrow. Wrong rotors and pads shipped in, so we went old school. They did the work, I just supplied the jack and tools since I travel with everything but the kitchen sink! Ended up we got the bad rotor turned by local performance shop owner Dan Larsen, Larsen Speed Shop, who did the job before we could finish lunch, and only charged us $20!. All good to go! This is what Porsche friends are for!

Ran my Autocross on a busy day. About half the participants could not post a clean run, including me, on 4 attempts. It ran late with many problems, but always fun. Here are a few pictures out at French Lick Airport.

First Place National Awards for the smallest class of regions under 99 primary members. Class 1 2021 PCA WEBSITE AWARD and 2021 NATIONAL NEWSLETTER CONTEST
Thanks so much to our Webmaster Extraordinaire, Andreas Kottschoth, and all the Members of our wonderful, small Porsche Club from the Big Island of Hawaii who have contributed so much to every issue of Lava Flow Magazine and our ever-evolving website
May we continue to present the best that our people and our wonderful Island region have to offer!

Day 3 (July 13)
It’s tour day. Multiple driving tours departed the staging area this morning at the 2021 Porsche Parade. Quite the sight and some great sounds. My Porsche Parade driving tour let me to Chuchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, home of Kentucky Derby and some Indiana Cornfields.

Day 2 (July 12)
Concourse Day is the first highlight of the Parade.
Yes, I do it for the fun of it!
If there’s an award for the lowest (worst) score, I should win. The judges were so worried about scoring the Pink Pig so badly until I told them it was all for fun. The car has been riding hard and put away wet too many times over the last 9,000 road miles in the last 2 years, even with sitting under Covid for over a year of that time. Gotta have fun!

Enjoy the video clips and pictures. In the afternoon all present presidents plus one were invited to an Executive Dinner at the clubhouse of the French Lick Springs Golf Club.

Video from Skip Hammerman (Schonesland Region)
Video from Skip Hammerman (Schonesland Region)

Day 1 (July 11)
Start of Parade

And it starts with registration, later in the day we all come together at the Welcome Party, including the Zone get-together. Meet Sandy Provasi and Mark Shevitz.

Day -1 (July 10)
6 hours of wet sanding and polishing my 18″ BBS rims that were pitted, removing the clear coat. Not a concourse car, but showing it anyway for fun. It’s all about the fun!

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