PCA Award for BIH

Everything started at the 64th Parade in Boca Raton in 2019. After my presentation to the PCA board for the PCA Web Page Committee, Gunner approached me and told me that the Big Island Hawaii Region need some help with their web presence and we agreed to stay in contact.

Gunner arriving at Parade in Boca Raton

At this time I was still a member of the Red River Region. In mid-December 2019, after 5 years and winning 4 awards, including “Best Webpage in PCA” for the Red River Region, I resigned from my position as their webmaster. I weight my options and after various emails, Gunner and I finalized the transfer to the Big Island Hawaii Region with the intention to develop an award-winning web page for the BIH Region. In January the transfer was complete and I went to work and started to develop a worldwide web presence for the club. After going online in early January, we had over 700 page views in the first month and over 3800 views after 7 months. Which translates to around 20 views per day.

Andreas presenting Web Awards at the 2019 Parade

I mentioned awards earlier, so every year PCA is hosting a web page contest open for all regions. To make it more equal for all regions the contest is split into five classes, based on membership numbers. Big Island Hawaii is in Class I, up to 99 members and I entered our new web page. Normally the awards are been presented as part of the annual Porsche Parade, but due to COVID, the Parade had to be canceled. So in mid-August, the PCA had a YouTube National Award presentation.  My wife and I watch the live stream on the big screen, just like the Oscars.
First up were the Newsletter Awards, which we did not qualify for this year with our new Lava Flow newsletter. Only newsletters published in 2019 were eligible to enter the contest. Next Year, Next Year!!

The second award presented was for the web pages. First up Class I (our class),

3rd place: North East Region,

2nd Place: West Texas Region.  

Drum roll

1st Place in Class I


Yeah, We did it.

After celebrating with my wife, I tuned back into the presentation, at class V, 800 plus members. Winner in this class was the Maverick Region, last year’s overall winner. The overall award goes to the page with the highest score of all entered pages. First Settler Region walked away with the overall honor for 2020. The Overall Win is our goal for 2021.

To take the next step we need the help from all members in the region. Event reports from members, stories from any Porsche related travel.
Show your enthusiasm and share it with the other members through the web page. Please take a minute and browse our web page, we have many interesting event reports and information.

Andreas, your Editor, and Webmaster

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