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The Big Island Hawaii Region Store is the place you can buy apparel/items with the Region’s Logo. You can show your support for the Big Island Hawaii Region with any purchase from our store. You can buy products embroidered or printed with the Big Island Hawaii Region logo as well as other region’s and PCA products.

PCA BIH Logo Key Fob $12
PCA BIH Logo Metal Badge $55
PCA BIH Logo Patch $6
PCA BIH Logo Pin $6

These items are currently available at the Habour Gallery, click on the item and you will be forwarded to the shopping cart.

In the near future, we will be delighted to introduce to you, our membership, a new lineup of great club apparel

We have teamed up with the main PCA web store supplier and working on a wide range of high quality products, such as polo shirts up to Dempsey Racing shirts. More to come.
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