Spring Fling Cancelled

Given a generous amount of caution and the shelter-in-place dictum at the current time, it is with great regret that we postpone the Spring Fling for this month of April and reschedule tentatively for May 9th, which may show an improvement on the current situation with Covid-19 from China.

In the future for the time being, using safe distancing practices and considering the many seniors and compromised individuals, like myself, we will plan a different format and procedures using government guidelines in our meetings for the near future.

Surely everyone understands this action. I would be very feasible to have a Tour under the current guidelines, but it would not be a beneficial sight tp have 20 or more Porsches zooming around the very open roads together at this time. Spend this time cleaning, servicing and waxing! My garage is improving daily! LOL!

Thank you all as we continue to grow and move forward with one of the best Porsche Club Regions in the country, now about 150 members strong!

May God be with you! Stay healthy! We are blessed that almost no one on this island has the virus. 80% of the people who have had it or are now afflicted are residents returning to the island from elsewhere, and bringing it here! Sounds like the same problem the native Hawaiians had when Western man started showing up with new diseases the Hawaiians had no immunity to! History repeats itself! Again and again!

Aloha Nui Loa, Gunner Mench, President, PCA BIH

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