Volunteers wanted

As we approach the busy end of our 3rd year in existence, we have some critical positions to fill in our small club.

As a 501 C 7 non-profit corporation, recently certified by the IRS, we have 4 elected officers and 7 total Board Members legally in our description.

Just a few days ago, our Treasurer, Naomi Tanaka, has resigned. She is moving to the East Coast soon and has returned her Porsche leased from the Dealer. We wish her all the best in her relocation and hope she finds a new Porsche to satisfy her urges to drive when she gets back there!

A few months ago, we accepted the resignation of our Secretary, Rhys Haydon, who moved last year to Gig Harbor, Washington, and is currently on the Board of the 356 Registry with time-consuming responsibilities there.

Change is the only thing we can count on! Our elected board terms are for 2 years, and elections are happening this Fall, finalized in November and announced at our Christmas Party in December. We need a volunteer to fill in these 2 positions until we can elect another slate of 4 Officers before the end of this year.

Don’t hesitate to contact Gunner Mench, President, or Robert Wall, Vice President, if you wish to fill these interim positions. We need your help for the rest of this year for sure! It’s not that tough, the Board meets every 2 months for about an hour, and everything is organized and in place.

Our webmaster and newsletter editor, Andreas Kottschoth, will relinquish his positions by the end of the year but offers to train the new volunteer(s).

Please consider joining our team! There are over 150 members of our club on this island. We need your help!


Gunner Mench, President 808-938-2954

Robert Wall, Vice President, 808-217-5671

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