Wet Sherman

On March 14th, 2020, the day started with light winds and overcast at the Kona Brewing Parking Lot from 8 to 10 A.M. crowds were light, with just a few cars showing up for the parked event sponsored by Hawaii Racing Association. Closer to 10 o’clock,  it started raining lightly  and the several Porsches that were there for Kona Cars and Coffee headed over to the Old Kona Airport parking lot to gather for the Tour.

A full rain storm ensued, and clipboards were passed by umbrella from car to car to sign waivers foer everyone who wanted to continue. There was lightning in the area, and reports of waterspouts, but radar indicated clearing once we got out of town, so 24 brave souls made the trek South. More in our May/June issue of the LavaFlow.

Oh, it was a birthday surprise for Gunner.

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