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As many of you already know, PCA Sim Racing has grown from a small group of PCA enthusiasts to one of the most popular sim racing leagues on iRacing. With a list of over 300 members and growing, PCA Sim Racing is now emphasizing a grassroots movement to bring sim racing, along with the camaraderie and the great members of PCA to the Zone levels.
As a result, PCA Sim Racing has created five new groups comprised of one to six zones that will begin zone league competition, starting in early November. The zone groups will operate under the umbrella of the national PCA Sim Racing league, and each zone group will run sim racing competitions in four classes of between five and eight races, depending on the group. The idea is that each zone group will send the top 3-5 in each category to a ‘National Runoffs’ type of competition for national championships (similar in concept to the SCCA).
The goal of this next step is to recruit PCA members to the sim racing community in a non-intimidating, friendly and respectful environment. PCA Sim Racing places a high priority on welcoming new members, providing training and practice sessions to help new and experienced sim racers polish their skills and to extend the philosophy of the PCA…” It’s the people, not the cars”.
Our group consists of Zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 14. It has the largest number of zones, but the least amount of participation by zone, but our goal is to grow each zone’s participation to the point where each zone can be a stand-alone group in the future. We are calling our zone the “Wild West Zones” group or WWZ for short. Our website below has all the information on the series.
We invite you to share this information with the PCA members in your zones and to check out our new website as well as the national website for all the details.

We’re very excited about this new chapter in PCA Sim Racing and hope to see you on the virtual track.

Best regards,
The Zone 6,7,8,9,11 & 14 Group Coordinators:
Zone 6: Ed Nelson
Zone 7: Chip Witt
Zone 8: Bret Holmes/Brian Granger
Zone 9: Rob Cottle
Zone 11: James Benard (
Zone 14: Rodney Campbell

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